We also produce pine timber for individual customer orders. The product may be fresh and antisepted or chamber drying.

Pine sawn board

Thickness of 20 mm
Width from 80 mm
Length from 800 mm

Beam sawn from pine

Thickness is 40 mm
Width from 40 mm
Length from 800 mm

Deadwood pine timber

Unedged board of different grades of oak

Thickness of 25 mm
Width from 100 mm
Length from 2000 mm

Edged board of different grades of oak

Thickness of 20 mm
Width from 60 mm
Length from 1000 m

Unedged Beech Board

Edged Beech Board


With the development of technology, the need for alternative sources of fuel is growing. Environmentally friendly and renewable attracts more and more industries and areas of use, both for industrial and private purposes. More than 30% of the world’s population uses traditional forms of biofuels: firewood, fuel briquettes and pellets, charcoal (solid biofuel). Forest Trade Ukraine makes this particular trend, because solid biofuel is a product of wood processing, and in it we have many years of experience.



From hardwood: oak, ash, hornbeam (mix)
Packing and fraction according to the specification.

  • Water content – 4.5
  • Ash content – 1.7
  • Mass fraction of volatile substances – 16,6
  • Mass fraction of non-volatile carbon – 81,7

Firewood is chopped

From hardwood: oak, ash, hornbeam.

  • Sizes of firewood: length – 30-33 cm; diameter from 7 to 15 cm
  • Moisture – Natural
  • Packing: in boxes of 2 warehouse / meter (1m x 1m x 2m)
  • Quality: The quality of firewood is sorted according to customer requirements.


Pine wood pellets, Class – A1. Packed in 15 kg polyethylene bag or in Big Bag.